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This Message by - Gordon Klock
* This Message by - Jasmine Sailing
** This Message by - Gordon Klock

** Not fast enough? (time is less relevant here Praise "BORGOPLEX"
** (the linoleum Prince) patron God of shiny surfaces.

* Can't do it. I'm a zealot and Cnidaria doesn't approve of linoleum.
* fact, they're poking their cnidocytes into my brain to say "Perhaps
* an anti-Borgoplex tract should be written".

* Down with Borgoplex! Let us have the lord of glaciers in his stead!

* #Jasmine Sailing # Become a Blasted Disciple #
* #Our Blasted Lady of the Jellyfish, First Church of Cnidaria#

The giggling shadow of a giant spider amidst the blinding shimmering reflection upon the (linoleum) floor, smiles quietly at the thought that the Jellyfish are disturbed by anything from the Kenmore Vortex. We all know that "the Lord of Glaciers" is merely that gigantic,albino monkey that Edgard Varese warned us about.The North pole is a living two dimensional cartoon of living ice that said:

Gordon Klock bd035@freenet.uchsc.edu
Snails armed w/ gelatin rifles,and songs of Waldorf Himlet in their minds attempt to force Dreams to awake and kalidescopically gnash their own imagery like gigantic unfolding flowers enveloping the known world.......

This Message by - "L. Jas' Mother Hubbard"
* This Message by - Chris Y
* Hate to mention it (duck and run away) but the premier ep of
* Next Generation had some jellyfish creatures. But, it was
* also really fucked because these evil people had captured
* one and were exploiting it and torturing it. If anyone tried
* that in "real life" they would quickly beget a fiery rain of
* cnidocytes. No true Sentient Jellyfish would submit to the
* indignities of the Star Trek universe without flaying the
* masses. Or at least peeing on their cars. %}

And the people of cp-list say "what the fsck?" because the death-equinox list is home of the urination rituals. =) Yep, I imagine Cnidaria would've pissed on the Enterprise any time they came into contact with it. Or in the open convertible top, damn it! Star Trek seems to take a bent on humans being god-like (even if other beings have nifty powers they get overwhelmed by the apparent human genius) and has no embracement to the fact that humans are fleas on the planet of the jellyfish and really need to stop disgracing their nature preserve with their sheerly inept ways of existing. How is that so god-like in the brain department? Huh huh huh????!!!! =)

* I think the Shadows might be the Jellyfish's evil twins, but
* they use Ginsu lasers instead of fiery cnidocytical tentacles..

I was assuming that some of the jellyfish get so pissed off and flustered that they head off to the rim, mutate darkly, and gain a perpetual vengeance against the universe that continues through endless battles. Whilst hiding off on the rim, those particular jellyfish became a bit weaker. Not MUCH weaker since they can only be destroyed with the combinations of telepaths and a couple of ultra-spiffy battle cruisers, but the fact that THEY can be destroyed makes them weaker. Imagine being able to destroy jellyfish. Even in the old days when they were wielding clubs with their multi-dextrous cnidoctyes, they were fighting amongst themselves. Making sure the truly enlightened jellyfish became supreme. And that they did... They stopped fighting amongst themselves long ago because the remainder were PERFECT. So when it came to be the time of Babylon 5... I suppose the jellies that altered into shadow type wessels (heya Bester) reckoned the ginsu lasers would be more practical than hundreds of flaying cnidocytes. I don't really agree (but, then, I'm only a pathetic human even if I am enlightened), I think the WEB of those masses of cnidocytes, thousands of feet long, could enshroud and disintigrate ANYTHING.

I suppose even some jellyfish could stray in the future though. *Sigh*. Of course the more positive jellyfish would still be the Vorlons, melding into post-nanotech light. Ya never know....

Wasn't the one ancient race ship that has only been seen once more resemblant of jellyfish? Have to go back and watch it again.

"Looking for gospel in everything because I need to be led by Cnidaria."

$ L. Jas' Mother Hubbard $$$$$$$$$ (Read CPAOD and be ENLIGHTENED) $
$ jsailing@netonecom.net $$$$$$ http://www.netonecom.net/~jsailing $
$ This fable is a TEST to the faithless masses. Know ye all and never
forget that the cupboard is only bare if she WILLS it to be. $

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