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Cyber-Psycho Convergence Basics

Visit the official Death Equinox web site for the full details and tons of goodies.

Why combine the convergence with Death Equinox?

The reasons are many. There are similar philosophies for one thing, similar staff for another. Many of the subculture regulars are involved. The general philosophy of examining life and rebirth through exploration of the darker aspects of the psyche equates to the Cyber-Psycho lifestyle. At the convention we take a look at our hopes, fears, failings, and at the things that create us: be that religion, politics, drug experiences, dreams, or childhood surroundings. Death Equinox takes more of a focus on these aspects as they pertain to the arts -- but it is also open to people who study the psychological, paranormal, and political ends without the arts and entertainment aspects.

Topics of focus include fears for our future society; apocalypse; conspiracy; left hand, dualist, and natural religion; sexual traumas; hazardous vs benevolent drugs; gonzo journalism; independent art; embarrassing opinions and interests (and the social stigmas behind the embarrassment); murder; mental breakdowns; the faces of insanity; catharsis; the after-life; pleasure in pain; etc. It isn't all bleak damnation, there is a heavy element of transcendance involved. Rebirth rather than defeat..

Death Equinox features numerous demonstrations for building useful gadgets, safe (and not so safe) fetishism, and multi-media exhibits. It even includes spiders from around the world, and discussions about what makes them so frightening to people (and how much of it is phobic misunderstanding).

The convention provides a good opportunity for the straggling denizens of the Cyber-Psycho Subculture to meet and interact in person. The people who are interested in the industry end of the convention can go to readings and live music shows, or watch films in the video room. They can also attend the workshops for writing, zine-making, music promoting, etc.

A good crop of the subculture is interested in bargain basement technology and should therefore benefit from the workshops for making mechanical gadgets. Blue prints can be hauled in to be scrutinized by mad scientist engineers.

And it goes without saying that the rampant perverts amongst the subculture will enjoy the interactive S/M demonstrations, as well as the chance to observe anything from temporary piercings to torture sessions on the rack.

Overall, this convention won't hold much appeal to the squeamish who prefer to remain blind to the darker aspects of the world. It is, however, perfect for those who share the Cyber-Psycho mentality of accepting reality, with all of its harshness, and seeing what can be done to alter or smooth it.

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