Simplify Your Life
Simply the Easiest.
Simply the Best.
     With the Simplicity System, you re on your way to simplifying your life. Or at least, your pool care! Because now there’s a simple way to keep your pool in perfect shape.
Simple to Buy.
     The Simplicity System is simple to buy You won't have the multitude of decisions to make or the large assortment of bags, bottles and buckets of chemicals to bring home. Everything you need comes perfectly packaged in one easy-to-carry box.
Simple to Use.
     Simplicity is also simpler to use. For complete pool care, you only apply two products, once a week. That means you won't have to measure and add as many products to your pool. Sound simple? It is! The basic system consists of two simple parts: Simplicity Tabs to keep water clean and algae free, and Simplicity Clear to keep it sparkling. We've even included Simplicity test strips, so you truly have everything you need to take care of your pool.
Simply the Best.
     With Simplicity its easy to simplify your life. You'll enjoy a cleaner clearer pool with a simplified system of pool care. You'll have more time to use your pool as it was intended - for relaxation. Isn't life seeming simpler already?
Simple for Feeders.
     Simplicity has been specially designed for use with automatic and floating feeders. No more dealing with chlorine tablet wrappers or handling big dusty tablets that are hard to load. Simplicity Tabs are designed to go directly into your feeder - you don't even have to touch them. What could be simpler than that?
How the Simplicity
System Works.
     Simply put, our patented system combines products specially formulated to work together No other system gives you such spectacular results so simply. After you prepare your pool with a once a-year treatment of Simplicity Initiator you only need the two-part Simplicity System for maintenance from then on.
Simply Sensational.
     Simplicity products provide a sensational-looking pool effortlessly Even water testing is simplified. Simplicity Test Strips (included in your Simplicity box) are all you need for sanitizer and pH testing. And it takes just seconds (not minutes) to do. Simply dip and read!
A Season of Simplicity.
      Isn't it time you simplified your life? Make your pool and pool care the simple pleasure it was intended to be. Simple to buy Simple to use. Simply the best. Make this your season of Simplicity!
The Simplicity Rebate.
     Tell your friends how they can simplify their lives with Simplicity and everybody wins. Because when you share Simplicity with a friend, you can both receive a $10 cash rebate! 
Three friends = $30! You'll find your Simplicity rebate cards and details inside your Simplicity box. Its' simple to cash in!
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