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Illustrating environmental processes and subjects (good and bad) through photography and artwork


Any of the sample images shown on this site or images selected from my stock library may be licensed on a "per use" basis. Please e-mail or call for price quote.

Images can be delivered very quickly (usually same day as requested, if order is placed before noon EST) via one of several electronic methods. Images will be scanned at up to 50 meg files in RGB or CMYK format as uncompressed Tiff files. I use a Nikon film scanner and up-to-date imaging software to enable me to maintain consistent and high quality scans. I am also able to customize the scans for your specific needs. Most images are simply scanned and "cleaned up" to maintain the original high quality of the transparency image. I can send images via e-mail if you arrange with your service provider to receive files this large. I can send the files on CD ROM via overnight mail. I can also FTP the files to your site (with your instructions). Prior to any transmission, a fax is required from client stating intended use and acknowledging that copyright belongs to Ross Frid. Of course, the original images can be sent via overnight carrier if that is your requirement. In today's modern electronic age, images can be in your hands very quickly and even the most demanding deadline can be met if the image is in my library. Just send me an e-mail at this address: to discuss your needs. I monitor my e-mail continuously during the business day and once a day on weekends.

I can also deliver original digital images created using my Nikon D1X SLR digital cameras. These will normally be about 30 meg 8-bit TIFF images suitable for offset printing at 300dpi and 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Last Updated: July 28, 2006