Bearwalker's Shamanic Teachings and Techniques
The Shaman - A sonett by Joseph B Wilson

The Shaman

Earth Mother, hear me in the darkened night!
Listen to the thump of the rolling drum,
And shake of rattle in this sacred rite.
I dance the sacred dance of heathendom.

I tread the spiral path, both deep and long;
Through forest, across stream, to silent cave.
With every step I sing my sacred song;
Gathering strength from my spirits so brave.

Deep, deep go I into the Lady's Womb,
Prepared to confront adventure unguessed;
Amid darkest mysteries of the tomb
Where wander those beautiful and grotesque.

There in the womb of Earth Mother I dwell --
Where some do find heaven, and others hell.

Copyright ©1985 by Joseph B Wilson
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