It can be a real jungle out there
trying to figure out what software
is best suited for your personal needs.
At 8:23 AM EDT on 4/17/97 we received a phone call from Stephanie Clement, stating that she was calling in an official capacity, representing Matrix Software. She stated that attorneys from Alliance (AMG-the new owners of Matrix) had just been at Matrix and had reviewed the Software Recommendation Page on our web site and were not pleased with what I said about the Matrix product and customer support. The stated purpose of the call was to advise me, that "should the Alliance legal staff attempt to take some kind of legal action against {me}, it would be out of Michael Erlewine's hands as he no longer owns the company". While I did not/do not like, nor appreciate the implied and acknowledged threat or intimidation, I don't particularly like the idea of possibly being sued either. So, I've removed the "offending" statements that used to be given below. In fact, I've removed all software recommendations for the moment. I'll leave you with the following pages: Wizard and a note from Noel Tyl.

At 9:15 PM on 4/17/97, we received a personal phone call from Michael Erlewine, during which we agreed to "bury the hatchet" and move forward, starting with the opening of the business day on 4/18/97. We are looking forward to reviewing the newest release of Blue*Star Plus and Win*Star Plus and to hearing about improved technical support and customer service.

I do want to publicly state that I have the utmost respect for Stephen Erlewine, both as an astrologer and as a programmer. Unfortunately, he is but one person.....

If you need help choosing software, please feel free to contact us. Give us a call, or send a note via email.This page will be getting updated in the very near future. I've got new information, comments, etc about the latest oppinions on WinStar, Solar Maps, Solar Fire and some other astrological shareware and freeware.

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My only editor is Jacquie, wife and partner. She has over 25 years as a practicing professional astrologer. Her years of experience as a political consultant in Southern California and her collaboration on, and editing of a variety of manuscripts make her a uniquely qualified editor. Jacquie is the one that keeps me from going too far... and helps with some of the layout and design. I however, am the one responsible for the content, so if there is something you like, don't like or just want to comment about, this is your chance.Me Outreach
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