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Visit Our Personal Web Server - Click Here more maps, charts and a bunch of other things. I've been spending much more time working on our personal server than I have working on our "posted" pages. So, if you really want the latest in my ramblings and latest work, stop by and visit our personal server and explore a bit. I know that this page needs some updating and I'll try and get to it soon.

It seems this is going to be the place I put things I think should be noted, or seem to be currently relevent. Be aware that I may use this space to voice some opinions about world affairs, the weather and most likely a variety of other things.......

There will also be links for maps and charts for eclipses, earthquakes, volcanoes and such. So, you might want to bookmark this page as it may become an interesting place to visit.

I am an avid world weather-watcher and have a personal interest in natural disasters of all kinds, particularly earthquakes and quake prediction. I view the earth as a living being and much of the what we are seeing in the news is similar to reading the medical chart of a person going through an acute medical crisis. The earth has become polluted, or rather, the human element of the earth has become polluted, and the Mother's healing has begun.

As the ancients were watchers of eclipses and the use of eclipse data for prediction, I am also interested in eclipses and what they have to tell us. For the latest charts and maps, I will send you to my charts folder on our personal server... just click here.

"He that lives by the sword, dies by the sword"
(I know I've read that somewhere)

The hunters have become the hunted

"Many will come in my name"
"by their works ye shall know them"

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the ultimate purification


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