Shirle Kiley

Shirle Kiley developed the science of Acrophonology based on the ancient teachings of the Kaballah and the Torah and her 50 plus years as a professional astrologer. Her books, “Personal Power Is In Your Name” and “What’s In A Name” (the study of the meaning of letters in a name) were a result of her many years of research and experience as a highly respected astrologer, international lecturer and teacher.

Shirle began her career as a professional astrologer and name counselor in 1954. Branching out into the areas of teaching, lecturing and business astrology was a natural progression for her talents. In addition to teaching Acrophonology at the state university level, Shirle was commissioned by the state of Pennsylvania’s Head Start Program to teach Acrophonology to parents and teachers of special education children. By learning the meaning of the letters in a name, parents and teachers were more effective in dealing with and understanding the needs and characteristics of these special children. Shirle became a most solicited guest on TV and radio shows across the country. The subject matter, as well as her rapport with audiences made her a favorite with talk show hosts.

Shirle’s reputation led to her own weekly Cable TV series which she hosted for nine years. The phenomenal success of her books in the US as well as Europe, is based on her endless dedication to her work and the fact that the science of Acrophonology works.

In the late 80’s, Shirle adapted Acrophonology to a computer format with individual programs geared toward adults, children and pets. These programs have become show stoppers at conventions, sales meetings, promotions, parties, etc. A third book “Sexual Secrets In Your Name” is currently in the editing process.

Shirle passed her work on to C. Michael and Jacquie Smith of SOS Consulting in 1991. SOS is now responsible for the computerized Acrophonology software, correspondence course, tapes and the Acrophonology Institute. For information on workshops or lectures, contact SOS Consulting.

Shirle Kiley

Dec 23, 1922 - Jan 6, 1994

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