G.E. Superadio III

Ferrite Rod Antenna (L 6)
Ferrite Antenna

Circuit Board
Circuit Board

Oscillator C26 L4 C37 L5
1st RF C13 L1 C8 L6
2nd RF C17 L2 C30 T10
IF T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T9
Discriminator T7 T8

I asked for permission to reproduce Paul's SR3 graphic here. This is his email respnse:

No problem, so long as you acknowledge the origin.

The main diagram was originally drawn in the USA by Christopher King & snail-mailed to me here in England. I scanned the drawing into my computer, tidied up the graphics & added a couple more items not included on the original.

All the best.

-- Paul Sexton Paul's Radio Museum http://www.paulplu.demon.co.uk/radio/ Information courtesy of "Paul's Radio Museum"