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TO:"Carl J. Paulsen" <cjpaulsen@usa.net>
> When I was in florida, I had the great opportunity to go to the "Swap
> Shop," a very large outdoor fleamarket.  Lots of knife sellers, and I
> had the advantage of seeing many of the questionable-quality knives
> before buying.  The 50-dollar United swords looked good in SMKW, but in
> reality they are as cheap as it gets.  If you want to waste 50-100
> bucks, just send it to me.
The bulk of them are ground out of <30 point carbon steel on multiple surface grinders.  Complete crap.  My prices start at $1500 to beat a sword out of even 5160 (leaf spring).  Makes nice swords. But you're talking a couple of hundred hours of work just for the blade.  Not having injection molding equipment, I've got to hand carve all the furniture.
Collecting "real" swords isn't a hobby for anyone but the idle rich.
Roy Wilson <emperor@slic.com>