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Subject: Re: Sword Comments Reqest
Author:dr-marty <>

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On 25 Mar 1998 01:59:34 GMT, (Roy Wilson) wrote:
>>  What kind of steel are they made of?  All the
>> ads say is, "high performance carbon steel."
> That translates to "5160 or 5140 (60 and 40 points of carbon,
>respectively)"  Which translates to "made from the leaf springs of
>wrecked cars".
> If you want a good sword in carbon steel, make sure it's forged out
>of O1 or 1095 tool steels.
I am new at knife and sword making, so if I am off base on this I beg enlightenment.
Regarding "5160," whether it is a good choice for a sword or not depends on whether it really is from a wrecked car or not!  Brand new hot rolled 5160 is an excellent metalic choice for swords.  It is the steel of choice used by Jim Hrisoulas, who reportedly makes some of the best working swords in the business.  The small amount of chromium in the steel (.7 percent or so) enhances the response to heat treatment, while not being enough chromium to negatively affect grain boundaries.  The small amount of silicon in the mix (.2%) adds
flexibily and the ability to handle impact.  Finally, the moderate carbon content (.6 percent) is enough to allow a very good edge, without actually becomiing too brittle.
1095 and 0-1, while very good for knives, have too high a
carbon content for swords.  The full 1 percent carbon makes the steels too brittle to use for the purposes of a sword.
I do not know anything about Ontario's swords.  I just thought
this might help.
Martin Finkelstein, Ph.D.