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These picture files range from 120 to 200 KB, mostly about 150 K.

But there is a page of thumbnail views of them. Click here.

Currently available rapier (schlager) hilts:

I guess I got carried away, making hilts for local friends. They all have hilts and I have too many left over. My local "market" is saturated. I'd like to pass these along to people who would like them and use them, but setting prices is very difficult. I'm not a retailer and do not have a business. That means that there is no after-sale support and no guarantee. Once I receive money and send a hilt, it's gone. If it doesn't quite fit, or needs to be adjusted to fit the blade, it's not my problem! No refunds, no adjustments. Sorry - if you were here nearby it would be different.

However, all you should need is a file. A small one if you want to enlarge the tang hole in a hilt to make it fit your blade. I recommend filing the blade tang. If you enlarge the hole and then replace the blade, the new blade's tang must be at least as large as your old one.


Normal schlager rapier hilt price is $80, plus $10 for shipping.

I don't have any blades!

If these restrictions are acceptable, then we may be able to work out an arrangement.

 The Chrome Collection:

I was able to get one group of hilts "triple chrome" plated last year. Two or three local users have reported that the plating works out very well and hasn't had any trouble with chipping. The Chrome adds $25 to the cost. These are the only plated hilts available.

Multiple views of the #15 "Western European" pattern - (one available - one sold June 22, 2002)

02, 03

Multiple views of the twisted swept hilt pattern - (three available)

08 , 09 , 10 , 42 , 43 , 48

An original symmetrical design without historical reference - (just one WAS available)

11 12 39 40 - SOLD on May 12, 2000 No more will be made.

Twisted swept hilt and Dagger 'en suite' - (one set available, the rapier hilt is one from above)


Non-plated standard mild steel, the majority of my stock:

 I only have one of each of these!

Two matched pairs, left- and right-handed, for the 'Case of Rapiers' fighters - (one of each pair available)

Smaller pair [two views] 04, 44 - NOW SOLD on May 22, 2000

Larger pair [many views] 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 SOLD on September 8, 2002

Simple cross bars and side rings -

16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Left-handed #15 "Western European" pattern -


If your device is the Oak Leaf -


And finally, some of the 'Economy' line, from before I learned to make relatively accurate versions. This was also when SCA fencing first started in my area and there were very few sources of hilts. You (or I) might say that these were made out of desperation.

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and an unclaimed custom model - 26 [of someone else's rather strange design]

#23 SOLD June 22, 2002

Dagger Hilts

Dagger hilts with side rings and some with knuckle guards -

28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 45, 49

#49 SOLD June 22, 2002

Daggers with matching 'en suite' rapier hilts -

#15 "Western European" - 47; Twisted Chrome - 48

Chrome plated dagger hilts -

29, 48

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