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Below are a few pictures of the 1990 & 1991 AFC Championship Rings
There are actually 4 rings in this set, but we thought
showing more than two would be pushing it a bit. :)

If only they had listened, these might have been
the NFL Championship rings instead.

If you are an owner or manager of a professional athletic team, have an open mind to alternatives and are interested in winning, give us a call. We'd still like to have a couple of NFL Superbowl Championship rings. We specialize in football, but if your sport isn't football, we can still help. Astrological application works for other sports too.

If somebody could tell you (before the draft) who had the potential of being a ProBowl or Hall of Fame quality player and who didn't, or could warn when a player had the indicators of sustaining an injury before it happened, or who was going to be "on" and who would be "off" on a particular day and specific location, wouldn't you be interested?

We can help. Professional, Confidential and Accurate!



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