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Here are some addresses where you can get manuals for (home shop) machinery. I keep seeing the same requests for manuals or sources for manuals in Home Shop Machinist, so I decided to publish a list of sources.

[NOTE: I DO NOT provide manuals, only addresses.]

Rockwell Delta

For a Delta 4 x 6 horizontal band saw, model 20-330, call Delta Customer Service Hotline at
1-800-363-8800 and ask for part no. 1345336, which is the manual.


South Bend Lathe Co.

400 West Sample Street

South Bend, IN 46601

 (I've gotten a shaper manual from South Bend.)

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Atlas (Atlas Press Co.)

Clausing Service Center

811 Eisenhower So.

P.O. Box 877

Goshen, Indiana 48626-0877

Phone (219) 533-0371

FAX (219) 533-0403

(I've gotten shaper and horizontal mill manuals from Atlas.)

Also, I learned from a discussion group on "" that Sears sold the Atlas MFC Horizontal mill as a Craftsman model 101.15500. That's nice to know because I also learned on that group that Sears has the parts list and parts drawings on line at their web site, In fact, I tried it and saw the drawing of the head assembly. You can also order parts from Sears, but very few are available. And those are probably the same ones that are still available from Atlas/Clausing. If you know the Sears model number of other Atlas machines, like the shaper or 6" or 12" lathe, you could see the parts diagrams of those, too. Actually getting parts is likely to be a different story, though.


Logan (Lathes & Shapers)

Logan Actuator Co.
550 Chippewa Rd
Harvard IL 60033
Tel (888) 99-LATHE or (815) 943-9500
Fax (877) FAX-LOGAN or (815) 943-6755
[TERRIFIC web site!]

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Jet Equipment and Tools

P.O. Box 1349

Auburn, WA 98001

(206) 351-6000

 ( I got a manual for my 4x6 metalcutting bandsaw from Jet.)



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Craftsman 6 inch metal lathe:

If you have a little 6 inch metal lathe from Sears and its model number begins with 109, then it was made by Double A Products, near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Copies of the manual and lots of other information are on the web at the R.C.M. newsgroup 'drop-box' at

Look for these files: (you can download them all in two ZIP files, or get the big one divided up into the ones with part1,2, and 3. The TXT files describe the contents of the ZIP file of the same name. You can read the description before you download the bigger ZIP files.)

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