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While I have cameras from Minox to 4 x 5 Speed Graphic, my favorites are a Leica M5 and a Fuji Mini Dual Date fully automatic model. The Fuji has built-in auto flash and auto-focuses down to 12". It also has two focal lengths, 28mm and 45mm.

I started out with a Canon FT and (only) a 135 mm, F2.8 lens, shooting lots of people shots around Grand Rapids Junior College.

Later on, while in the Air Force, I added an Olympus Pen FT, with normal, wide and telephoto lenses. It was great for traveling. Still have it but it's rarely used.

More recently Karin gave me a Pentax 110 SLR kit for Christmas, but that's mainly a collectible and I haven't used it. I have shot a few rolls with a Minolta 110 zoom SLR and it works out very nicely. It's close-up capability is one of the main reasons for buying it. I also have a Minolta 110 for underwater use, and still another 110 as one of the keep-in-a-car cameras.

Most pictures now are typical tourist memory shots, except for the photographic records of swords or hilts I make, or ones made by other people that I want records of.