Schlager Blade Sources Summary

Updated on December 2, 1999.


Triplette Competition Arms

A very popular fencing supply company. Carries schlager and flexi-dagger blades, too. I've bought my jacket, mask and some blades from Triplette.

Has printed catalog available.

Recently moved and added a web site with on-line ordering.

 Schlager blade $60 as of February 18, 1998. Often temporarily out of stock - always call & check. (as of 2/26/98)

101 E. Main Street,

Elkin, NC 28621

Phone: 336-835-7774

FAX: 336-835-4099



 M.A.S. Weapons

MAS had the lowest price for schlager blades that I've found. They are name-brand France Lames, though, the same as many other dealers carry. I've heard that there are only four schlager blade manufacturers altogether.

I have their Black Tulip dagger blade, and have gotten schlager blades from them twice.

5600 E. 36th St. North
Tulsa, OK 74115-2101
call (918) 835-0467

M.A.S. Weapons carries a complete line of practice fencing blades for use in both traditional fencing and renaissance re-enactment groups. Be sure to check our online catalog for our regular products, and see our specials page for the current sales and special limited offers

They're Here! The 37 1/2" Schlaeggers and the Black Tulip Daggers are here! See the Online Catalog under "Fencing Blades" or call (918) 835-0467

Flexi DaggerFencing's equivalent of a main gauche, for use with epee and foil$33.00
Black Tulip DaggerA dagger made by France Lames at the request of M.A.S. Weapons for use with our Schlaegger blades.Very rigid, with a black finish, these blades are perfect for schlaegger combat$35.00
Oval Schlaegger #535" oval cross section schlaegger blade - $55.00  Temporarily out of stock.(as of 2/15/98)
Oval Schlaeger #837 1/2" oval cross section schlaegger blade $60.00  (can be cut to "legal" 35 inch)
Diamond Schlaegger 35" diamond cross section blade $55.00


American Fencers Supply

Telephone 415-863-7911 
FAX 415-431-4931 
Postal address 
1180 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. 94103
General Information and Sales: armory page

Description Length w/o tang Width Weight Cross-section Part # Price
Rapier blade (also known as schlager, oval cross section) 35 in..75 in. 9 oz. Oval 962R $69.00
Diamond blade (also known as schlager, diamond cross section) 962L $79
Canelure blade, w/offset fullers 37 in. long, 13/16 in. wide, weight 14 oz. Oval 962C $102.40
Flexible dagger blade, (stiff)18 in..5 in. 3.5 oz. Rectangular 963FP $30.00
Flexible dagger blade, (more flexible)18 in. .5 in. 3.5 oz. Rectangular 963FL $45.00

 Shipping cost is 10% of order on orders under $100, and 7% on orders of $100 to $300.

The schlager blade is made by the "company-formerly-known-as-Hoerster" in Solingen, Germany, according to Cole, at AFS.

 Scottie Armoury

Welcome to the WWW Scottie Armory Catalog! This catalog gives the current prices for Master Malcom's exquisite line of Weapons and Apparel. A number of the items in this list have further descriptions and pictures associated with them, which you can reach by clicking on the highlighted item names.

Scotties is now offering a %5 discount to all card bearing members of medieval recreation groups (like the SCA)!

Scottie Armory
Lockett Springs Ranch
P.O. Box 682
Williams, AZ 86046

VISA, MasterCard, Checks by Phone accepted

Check out our web site

Email address:

520-635-9588 questions and catalog requests/fax


Lots of local SCA people have bought equipment from Scottie. Seems to be a well-recommended supplier.

Here's an e-mail message quote:

I am selling any of the standard ovals for $80.00 and the standard diamonds

when I have them for $103.16" [Feb 18, 1998]

" My prices are higher than others. This I know.

However, unlike the others I am on the field and therefore take a lot longer

making sure each and every blade fits within a very strict set of criteria.

This results in the higher price, but much happier customers.





Just seems to sell complete weapons bu t they had an interesting quote in their on-line catalog.

"About the schlaeger - Developed by France Lames for SCA combat and stage combat, the oval cross-section blade has the look, feel and "clang" of 18th century rapier blades. The schlaeger has a rounded tip for safety and is more durable than the sport fencing blades."

The Shipping and Handling charges listed below are per shipment, NOT per item.

•Up to $ 60.00.............$ 7.95

•$ 60.01-$100.00..........$ 10.95




•Over $400.01..............$20.95

 Golden Age Armoury

. Has pictures in their on-line catalog. Complete weapon with schlager blade, $85 and up. 

Nice catalog site with many good pictures of their products.

An amoury that has something for everyone
Golden Age Products - carries SCA fencing weapons
flint lock, armor, armour, gargoyles, swords, RPG, LRPG, weapons, knives,warhammer, star wars, SCA, sca, trimaris, darkwater, leather, chainmail,
E-mail message from 2/25/98:

Yes, we do sell the schlagger blades separately, the price is $60. We have the normal rapier blade also but those run about $125 just for the blade. We carry or can get any type of blade that you want just let us know. .....We have the schlaggers and the epees also the regular rapier blades for choreography or real fighting. The schlaggers are made in Germany, the epees in France. The shipping on all is $10.


Syke's Sutlering

The sutlery's address and phone number is: Syke's Sutlering, 1732 Magdalene Way, Johnstown, PA 15905-3064. Phone: (814) 255-3027 (shop) or (814) 241-8530 (cellular). Shop hours are normally 9am-5pm (eastern time) Monday thru Friday, although Friday's are usually iffy during spring thru early fall, due to weekend travelling to various reenactments. Best time to catch me is 9am-noon and 3-5pm, as I'm always working in the shop in the mornings and will stay around in the late afternoon to take calls.

Blade003 - Flexi-dagger blades - $ 32.00
Blade004 - Schlager blade (oval cross section) - $ 62.00

Blade005 - Renaissance blade - $112.00

Modern Fencing Equipment

Santelli Fencing Equpipment

Located in New York. Address and phone number not seen (yet) on their web site.

 Sykes Sutlery sells Santelli equipment, and says that Santelli's blades are made by France Lames, including the schlager blade.


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