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I've been a science fiction fan since grade school. There must be two or three hundred sci-fi books in my library.

Favorite authors are Robert Heinlein and L. Warren Douglas. L.W. Douglas is a local author and a friend as well. We occasionally go out for pizza at Fricano's in Grand Haven. He has a nice web site, too: Doug has had five books published so far, with more on the way. See his web site for more info and the titles. He was even nominated for a new writer's award. Really good: buy his books! You won't regret it.

Other favorite authors are Leo Frankowski, another relatively local (Michigan) author with about six books published (and again, more on the way), and Keith Laumer, who writes with a great sense of humor.

I've read most of John Norman's "Gor" books, but some of them get a bit hard to take.

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