Fencing And Sword Dealers on line:

Here are addresses for fencing equipment suppliers. I got the list from the "Fencing FAQ":

Triplette Competiton Arms            Blade Fencing Equipment, Inc.
    162 W. Pine St.                      212 West 15th St.
    Mt Airy, NC 27030                    NY, NY 10011
    TEL: (910) 786-5294                  TEL: (212) 620-0114
                                         FAX: (212) 620-0116
    George Santelli, Inc.
    465 South Dean St.                   American Fencers Supply
    Englewood, NJ 07631                  1180 Folsom St.
    TEL: (201) 871-3105                  San Francisco, CA 94103
                                         TEL: (415) 863-7911
    Colonial Distributing
       Fencing Equipment                 Uhlmann International
    PO Box 636                           Wolf Finck, Pres. USA Headquarters
    Cedarburg, Wisconsin 53012           330 N. Fayette Drive
    TEL: (414) 377-9166                  Fayetteville, GA 30214
    FAX: (414) 377-9166                  TEL: (404) 461-3809

    The Fencing Post                     Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment
    2543 Monticello Way                  77 Arnold Road
    Santa Clara, CA 95051                Wellesley Hills, MA 02181
    TEL: (408) 247-3604                  TEL: (617) 235-3324

    Cheris Fencing Supply
    5818 East Colfax Avenue
    Denver, CO  80220
    TEL: (303) 321-8657
    Fax: (303) 321-8696


And here are the fencing equipment suppliers on the internet:

I still need to check out a few, in order to have descriptions for all of them. My descriptions or information on each supplier is shown in italics. Non-italicized text comes directly from the supplier's own description on their web site.

Also see the big list on my other sword source page.

I have purchased schlager and dagger blades from M.A.S.

M.A.S. Weapons carries a complete line of practice fencing blades for use in both traditional fencing and renaissance re-enactment groups. Be sure to check our online catalog for our regular products, and see our specials page for the current sales and special limited offers.



Blade Fencing Online - modern fencing equipment. No schlager blades, though. I have purchased equipment from Blade.

Blade Fencing, Inc. The online catalog and information site for an international Fencing Equipment supplier. Supplier for the 1996 United States Fencing team.

http://www.blade-fencing.com/ They did have a good site.


 American Fencer's Supply. Carries regular modern fencing and SCA fencing weapons.



Bru-Baker's: Fencing Foils and Swords 

MODERN FENCING WEAPONS Made by France-Lames, the world's Largest supplier of fencing equipment, these weapons are used by fencers worldwide..

Connection problem address: http://tsb.inet-images.com/brubakers/index.htm



Golden Age Products - carries SCA fencing weapons. Has pictures in their on-line catalog. Complete weapon with schlager blade, $85 and up. 



Fencing Weapons- KnifeCenter of the Internet 

THE KNIFECENTER PRESENTS Modern Fencing Weapons Made by France-Lames, the world's largest supplier of fencing equipment and SCA Fencing Weap.

THE KNIFECENTER PRESENTS Fencing Weapons Classic Reproduction Fencing Rapiers and Main Gauche

THE KNIFECENTER SWORDS We offer a wide variety of swords (over 300 models) and related items. The Marto models are among the finest in the w.




Next are sites that carry real or realistic swords (reproductions), rather than fencing swords.


Baltimore Knife and Sword Company

The Oella Mill-

40 Oella Avenue

Ellicott CIty, MD 21043




[added 3/17/00]

Handcrafted knives, swords, armour, & Jewelry in Viking to 17th Century styles

If you ever are interested in handmade rapier blades let me know... Diamond ground rapier blades 35 1/2" of blade (I'll give you any ricasso you like) would run $100.00 I will repair or replace any blade (this includes broadsword) at no charge if broken. all blades are made in house --- no imports --- please feel free to email with any questions .



New Swords in the Collection William Wallace Sword: The reproduction of the sword used by the scottish hero, William Wallace



Live Steel Swords and Daggers Designed for Re-enactment

This page of our Online catalog features descriptions and links to our images of Live steel swords that will withstand the rigors of re-enactment. We also have many other areas




Next are links that I might not have checked out myself yet.


I took the next part of this page with descriptions of the sites from someone else's web page. I'll add a source credit here as soon as I re-find their name.

Catalogues and Swordmakers


<li><a href="http://www.invis.com/kriscutlery/">Kris Cutlery<> A catalog with historical info. Most of their designs are unique to Kris Cutlery.

<li><a href="http://www.armor.com/">Arms and Armor</a>. Replicas that try to create the look and feel of the original.

<li><a href="http://www.ccsi.com/yeeha/sword/sword2.html">Angel Sword</a> A cool swordsmith's homepage. Lots of good information, and beautiful swords.

<li><a href="http://www.museumreplicas.com/">Museum Replicas</a>. A catalog of replica weaponry.

<li><a href="http://www.joust.com/LaForge">La Forge Homepage</a> Renaissance Faire stuff, including imported blades as well as the work of several blacksmiths. All of their swords are "battle-ready".

<li><a href="http://www.awa.com/starshire/esuper.htm">Starshire Ltd.</a> A catalog of all kinds of "period" stuff, including some swords.

<li><a href="http://www.esper.com/starknife/index.html">Star Knives</a> Catalogue of swords, knives, etc.

<li><a href="http://www.swords-n-stuff.com">Swords 'n' Stuff</a>. Catalog of display and "battle-ready" weapons, including the work of Jim Hrisoulasi of Salamander Armory.

<li><a href="http://sykesutler.com

">Syke's Sutlering</a>. Catalogue of fencing equipment, ironware, musketry supplies.

<li><a href="http://www.sirlance.com/">Sir Lancelot's Distinguished Cutlery</a>. Dealers of both Marto replicas and Salamander Armory custom work.

<li><a href="http://www.infomagic.com/~scotarm/">Scottie Armory</a>. Complete weapons and parts, imported blades. Designed for Medieval and Renaissance re-creation groups.

<li><a href="http://www.kingsransom.com/">King's Ransom</a>. Leather products, armour and swords.