Sword Sources

Here is information I've gathered from the internet. My comments on sites are in italics. Other text comes directly from the actual web sites themselves. I've copied some price information if it was available, for making comparisons. Of course, the prices may change at any time.

First I've listed fencing equipment suppliers, emphasizing those that carry schlager blades. Next comes sources for real, realistic or reproduction swords, then armour or other suppliers that we SCA people might be interested in.

Updated on January 31, 2003

Fencing Sword and Blade Sources


A very popular fencing supply company. Carries schlager and flexi-dagger blades, too. I've bought my jacket, mask and some blades from Triplette.

They now (Summer, 2000) carry the very nice schlager blade made by WKC in Germany. A company that's been making swords for a very long time!

Triplette Competition Arms


162 W. Pine St.

Mt. Airy, NC 27030

(910) 786-5294



MAS had the lowest price for schlager blades that I've found. They are name-brand France Lames, though, the same as many other dealers carry. I've heard that there are only four schlager manufacturers altogether.

I have their Black Tulip dagger blade, and have gotten schlager blades from them twice.

M.A.S. Weapons

5600 E. 36th St. North
Tulsa, OK 74115-2101
call (918) 835-0467
[but apparently now (7/10/00) no longer on-line]

M.A.S. Weapons carries a complete line of practice fencing blades for use in both traditional fencing and renaissance re-enactment groups. Be sure to check our online catalog for our regular products, and see our specials page for the current sales and special limited offers

They're Here! The 37 1/2" Schlaeggers and the Black Tulip Daggers are here! See the Online Catalog under "Fencing Blades" or call (918) 835-0467

Flexi DaggerFencing's equivalent of a main gauche, for use with epee and foil$33.00
Black Tulip DaggerA dagger made by France Lames at the request of M.A.S. Weapons for use with our Schlaegger blades.Very rigid, with a black finish, these blades are perfect for schlaegger combat$35.00
Oval Schlaegger #535" oval cross section schlaegger blade - $55.00
Oval Schlaeger #837 1/2" oval cross section schlaegger blade $60.00
Diamond Schlaegger35" diamond cross section blade $55.00


American Fencers Supply

Telephone 415-863-7911 
FAX 415-431-4931 
Postal address 
1180 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. 94103
General Information and Sales: amfence@amfence.com

http://www.amfence.com/ (check their armory page!)

Description Length w/o tang Width Weight Cross-section Part # Price
Rapier blade (also known as schlager, oval cross section)35 in..75 in.9 oz.Oval962R$69.00
Flexible dagger blade, (stiff)18 in..5 in.3.5 oz.Rectangular963FP$30.00
Flexible dagger blade, (more flexible)18 in..5 in.3.5 oz.Rectangular963FL$45.00

 Shipping cost is 10% of order on orders under $100, and 7% on orders of $100 to $300.

The schlager blade is made by the "company-formerly-known-as-Hoerster" in Solingen, Germany, according to Cole, at AFS.

 Scottie Armoury

Welcome to the WWW Scottie Armory Catalog! This catalog gives the current prices for Master Malcom's exquisite line of Weapons and Apparel. A number of the items in this list have further descriptions and pictures associated with them, which you can reach by clicking on the highlighted item names.

Scotties is now offering a %5 discount to all card bearing members of medieval recreation groups (like the SCA)!

10000 Cup Hilted Rapier W/Epee $101.05 
10100 Cup Hilted Rapier W/Practice Schlager $154.74 
10101 Four Ring Rapier W/Practice Schlager $208.42 
10103 William Clam Shell Rapier W/Practice Schlager $303.16 
10104 Italian Cup Rapier w/Practice Schlager $173.68 
10105 Cage Hilt Rapier w/Practice Schlager $190.53 
10106 Musketeer Rapier w/Practice Schlager $193.68 
10107 Shell (French) Hilt Rapier w/Practice Schlager $190.53
10108 Spanish Rapier w/Practice Schlager $172.63 
10109Corwin Swept Hilt w/Practice Schlager$235.79
10110 Gwylym Swept Hilt Rapier w/Practice Schlager $235.79 
10111 Greenwood Swept Hilt Rapier w/Practice Schlager $235.79 
10112 Giacomo Swept Hilt Rapier w/Practice Schlager $235.79
Scottie Armory
Lockett Springs Ranch
P.O. Box 682
Williams, AZ 86046
voice/fax (520)635-9588
Toll Free Order Number: (888)727-4377 (RAPIERS)

Lots of local SCA people have bought equipment from Scottie. Seems to be a well-recommended supplier.

No prices for blades given in his current on-line catalog, but schlager blades were $80 recently.

 Oops! I've just heard unofficially that Scottie no longer sells blades, only complete weapons.



Nice catalog site with many good pictures of their products.

Live Steel Swords and Daggers Designed for Re-enactment ,  "Battle Ready" Swords & Daggers


Summary: The hilt of this beautiful Rapier has a combination silver, single strand / braided spiral wire. 
The hilt of this beautiful Rapier has a combination silver, single strand / braided spiral wire..
For Customer Service and Information Call 1-207-865-3542 or Fax
For Orders Only Call 1-800-286-4143 or Fax
Fax 1-207-865-0385 

SCA-8 Schlaeger Steel Cup $160

"About the schlaeger - Developed by France Lames for SCA combat and stage combat, the oval cross-section blade has the look, feel and "clang" of 18th century rapier blades. The schlaeger has a rounded tip for safety and is more durable than the sport fencing blades."


 The Forgery

One-page web site with 4 beautiful color pictures of 4 very nice hilts.  Only one shows a price, though.  Leave your cursor on each picture to see its price.
Specializing in Custom Rapier Hilts
322 Shoplatch Lane
at the
Bristol Renaissance Faire
12550 120th Avenue
Kenosha, Wi. 53142-7337


email: theforgery@aol.com

Student hilt: Excellent for the student This hilt is ideal for the beginner. Light and quick, fitted with a Schlager blade. $200.00




Made by France-Lames, the world's Largest supplier of fencing equipment, these weapons are used by fencers worldwide. Blades are superbly tempered high-carbon spring steel, forged under the strictest standards of quality control to meet international fencing regulations. The handles are molded rubber, available in both right and left hand models. The guards are aluminum and pommels are plated steel, weighted for exact balance.


FCFL02Fencing Foil, L: 43"$48.00 
ECFL02Fencing epee, L: 43"$68.00 
SAFL02Fencing sabre, L: 41"$68.00 


Syke's Sutlering

Sykes Sutlery has been sold as of November, 1999. I, Raffaella Marr, am the
new owner. Blade003 and 004 are the same. Please delete Blade005 as I no
longer carry this blade. I have listed the changes below as to the
website, email, address and telephone number. Would you be so kind as to
note them on your website.

Thank You.

Raffaella Marr
Syke's Sutlery
7 Devonshire Drive
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234-7111
(609) 926-1297

Blade003 - Flexi-dagger blades - $ 32.00
Blade004 - Schlager blade (oval cross section) - $ 62.00


 Star Knives

1 (800) 745 6433


Star Knives is a full-service wholesaler of cutlery and accessories. We have extensive stocks of Fantasy Knives, Sports and Hunting Knives, Diving Knives, Folding & Pocket Knives, Novelty Knives, Swords and Accessories to meet all of your needs

Fencing Swords and Medieval Reproductions

Fencing Weapons

These fencing weapons are used world wide. The blades are of high-carbon, spring steel, the handle is molded rubber, the guards are aluminum and the pommel is constructed of plated steel.

Product IDDescriptionOverall LengthRetail CostYour Cost
CS-FCFL02Fencing Foil43"$67.00$33.50
CS-SAFL02Fencing Rapier41"$93.50$46.75
CS-DCAA16Sabre42 1/2"$211.00$105.50
CS-ECFL02Fencing Epee43"$93.50$46.75


Darkwood ArmoryCatalog of reproduction arms and armor for the recreationist.

Really nice on-line catalog with many good pictures of their hilts!

AT http://www.darkwoodarmory.com/ .

The following guards are meant to be mounted primarily with the practice Schlager blade. They have openings that may allow smaller, less robust blades to be trapped and broken. We have schlager blades available in 35, 37, 40 and 45 inches. These hilts styles are basically the same that would be used in mounting the double canelure blade as well as the heavy rapier blade. Please let us know what you wish to mount so that we may prepare the hilt properly for that blade. If you would like us to fit one of these blades for you, the additional cost for the complete weapon is shown below:

(pictures shown on web site)

#S1 3 Ring Swept:The three ring swept, with its classic three bar sweeps on its inner guard, make it one of the most sought after pieces in any collection. It can be dated from ca. 1585 to well into the 17th century. Guard:$85Sword:$185

#S2 2 Ring Swept:This guard is the classic swept hilt rapier found throughout Europe from ca. 1550 and not falling out of style until the late 17th century.

#S3 2 Post Guard: One of the earliest hilts in the collection, this guard was used equally as long as either ring hilt. The inner guard has two bar sweeps that connect to the lower quillion, putting all the protection to the front of the quillion block.Guard:$85Sword:$185

#S4 2 Port-Cross:This guard, with its large and small ports as well as its X inner guard, sets it apart as a much earlier style hilt. Although an old style it is still in use in France as late as 1600. Guard:$85Sword:$185

#S5 Closed Port Swept:When a little more protection was necessary for the hand this hilt was developed. AVB Norman shows several of this type of hilt mostly early 1600's but seen in portraits from much earlier. The small port is filled with a pierced plate, and the outer guard wraps farther around the hand, giving more protection.Guard:$95Sword:$195

#S6 Pappenheimer: Made famous by a Dutch general during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), the Pappenheimer is a frontally symmetrical hilt with two supported lobes that have been pierced. It offers good protection for your hand as well as a period lowlands look. This hilt will also serve mounted with an epee as noted later.Guard:$95Sword:$185

#S7 Shell hilt: Around 1610 it became fashionable to fill the rings of a rapier with large fluted shells. This hilt is a form of what is usually called a Pappenheimer. The shells that half fill the rings of this frontally symmetric hilt lend it an elegance as well as providing protection for the hand. Guard:$95Sword:$185 This hilt is also available mounted with an epee - see the section ahead.

#S8 Case of Rapiers: This is actually two swords made to fit into one sheath. Because of this, each has an inner guard that is limited to two posts. They are made to nest together, and as such are almost flat on one side. One side (usually the left) has smaller arms to accommodate the nesting of the two blades.A special scabbard can be made for these two swords. add $10 to the price of the scabbard style you want. Guards:$170Swords:$370

Note: Some blades may be out of stock from time to time.
37 inch add $5
40 inch add $10
42 to 45 inch add $15
Diamond Schlager (sharp) add $35
Double canelure blade add $35
Heavy rapier blade add $35
Real (sharp) rapier blade add $50

Please call and confirm availability. Both rapier blades are 1" wide, about 38" long, and slowly taper to the tip. The edges are hand ground to a varying degree of sharpness depending upon what is ordered. Mailed sharp or blunt, as you wish.



Modern Fencing Equipment

Santelli Fencing Equpipment


Located in New York. Address and phone number not seen (yet) on their web site.

I bought my first set of fencing gear from Santelli.

Someone else's (Fritz on fending, http://members.aol.com/BookKritik/fencing.html#Web Links) comments on Santelli: I have ordered from Santelli, and for several reasons. Their phone service was very good. Jennifer could answer quickly and efficiently any questions I had. Their prices were quite competitive, especially their package deals. They also had the best catalogue (which I received two days after leaving a phone message requesting one). The catalogue shows nearly 100% of their inventory, and in full-color. The order took only two days to arrive (via UPS ground service). Only three minor knocks on Santelli -- (1.) they have a good website for presenting their equipment, but no prices are provided. (2.) They have no email which would have saved phone calls to ask questions. (3.) They have no (800) number.


The Fencing Post

URL shows as www.thefencingpost.com, but I was unable to connect. Therefore no address or phone number listed here yet.

Someone else's (Fritz on fending, http://members.aol.com/BookKritik/fencing.html#Web Links) comments on The Fencing Post:

The Fencing Post:They have a good web site and if you order via it you save 20%. Prices are competitive, especially the monthly bargains. The Fencing Post is run by Saul, a fencing instructor in California. Saul is most pleasant and thorough in his discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment on the phone. Email questions have been thoughtfully answered within 1-2 days. I like several of the lines of equipment they carry (especially Uhlmann), and given the good prices, I am now ordering from them (and will report my opinions here of the equipment after I use it a while). They have some images of the equipment on their site (like most others they could use more). Also helpful would be more thorough descriptions of some of the equipment, but again, Saul provides adequate answers via the phone or email.


Blade Fencing, Inc.

212 W. 15th Street || New York, NY 10011 
ph: 1-800-828-5661 || fax: 212-620-0016 
NY/NJ/CT: 212-620-0114

For information contact blade@blade-fencing.com.


The online catalog and information site for an international Fencing Equipment supplier. Supplier for the 1996 United States Fencing team.

 I have purchased fencing equipment more than once from Blade. They have good prices, but they don't seem to have schlager blades.

 Fritz's (Fritz on fending, http://members.aol.com/BookKritik/fencing.html#Web Links) comments on Blade:

Blade Fencing Online Have had mixed experiences with Blade. In general their site is good, especially the fact that they offer a bulletin board for fencers (too bad it is underutilized). Lots of options and price ranges, plus some good package deals are available. They have an (800) number which I especially like. But, the quality of phone service varies dramatically. Some folks couldnÕt answer basic questions and would recommend calling back later. I never got answers to some phone questions, so I emailed them. Still waiting to get a response to my first email. (I finally gave up and ordered from Santelli.) On a more positive note though, I recently tried running some email questions by them and got back responses the same day! Blade does have a printed catalogue which is also a mixed bag. Some good product descriptions on a few products, some sketchy descriptions of others, and no mention at all of most equipment (but I do like the humor incorporated into the catalogue). For most items, one needs to consult the web site, or the price list that Blade will mail to you. They are the US distributer of Allstar, and it joins some other equipment lines along with Blade's own product line.




Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc.

Web site seems to be inoperative. I'll check it again later.

 Fritz's (Fritz on fending, http://members.aol.com/BookKritik/fencing.html#Web Links) comments on Zivkovic:

An interesting line of equipment, especially the very colorful masks which replace the wire mesh in front of the eyes with a superstrength acrylic for an unobstructed view. Prices were a little steep. I called for a price list, which I was promised, but never received. I would love to hear what experinces people have had with Zivkovic equipment, especially the masks.

Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment

77 Arnold Road

Wellesley Hills, MA 02181

TEL: (617) 235-3324 


Added 1/2/1999:

I received an email from Andre willms at WKC requesting a link to their site at: www.wkc-solingen.de

WKC is an old, old cutlery firm in Solingen, Germany. Some of the swords in my collection have WKC blades. And I have seen but not used a couple of their practice schlager blades, which our Marshall of Fence brought back from the 1998 Pennsic War. I want a pair of them for myself! I just have to find a dealer. I requested dealer names but have received no reply from WKC. The ones I saw came from Triplette [above] and I believe they are also available from American Fencer's Supply [also above].

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Other Swords

 Baltimore Knife and Sword Company

The Oella Mill-

40 Oella Avenue

Ellicott CIty, MD 21043




[added 3/17/00]

Handcrafted knives, swords, armour, & Jewelry in Viking to 17th Century styles

If you ever are interested in handmade rapier blades let me know... Diamond ground rapier blades 35 1/2" of blade (I'll give you any ricasso you like) would run $100.00 I will repair or replace any blade (this includes broadsword) at no charge if broken. all blades are made in house --- no imports --- please feel free to email with any questions .


 Bruce Evans Handcrafted Knives:

I am a Bladesmith and would like to exchange links with you,check out my web site at http://bladesmithing.isfun.net I have forged two swords and only finished one of them.Mr. Randal Graham showed me how to forge my first one almost two years ago at Jim Batsons Symposium,The picture of the Dagger on my site he coached me through at the same time (next day).He is a great person if you havent ever met him.Well I'm getting long winded here so I better let you go,Thanks for your time...Bruce Evans


Apparently by e-mail only:

www.realswords.com/swords.html Unfortunately, this link tested bad on January 16, 1999.

(no address or phone number given)

Welcome to Realswords.com. Soon to be the Web's number one source for REAL SWORDS

Circean's/Realswords.com's primary collection is manufactured by the Internationally renowned American Fencing Master and Fight Director/Choreographer Mr. Oscar F. Kolombatovich. The name Kolombatovich has surrounded the sword business for nearly four decades and fosters respect whenever mentioned in that industry

1104QUARTER HILT Brass quarter hilt rapier $285
1105MAROZZO Austere quarter hilt rapier, brass pommmel and crossbar $300.00
1106AGRIPPA Elaborate quarter hilt rapier, brass pommel and crossbar $315.00
1132*CASE OF RAPIERS Brass hilted pair of swords in one scabbard $535.00
1157CORSAIR Steel hilt $415.00
1158FREEBOOTER $300.00
1159TERCIO $300.00
1160+CERVANTES Dark silver plated hilt, original in Army Museum, Madrid $460.00
1161+MENENDEZ DE AVILES Black hilt, same swordsmith, style as Bazan (#1145) etched blade $485.00
1161RAPIER Elaborate brass design, latter half of 16th century. Original in Military History Museum, Prague $425.00
1163bSWEPT HILT Full hilt, multiple rings, nickel plated brass $335.00
1163sSWEPT HILT Full hilt, multiple rings, steel $415.00


The KnifeCenter of the Internet

P.O. Box 902
11263 Somerset Ave.
Beltsville, MD 20705
Orders: 1-301-937-2629

No fencing swords found on their on-line catalog, and only a few reproduction swords.


Starfire Swords, Ltd. -

P. O. Box 74 - Spencer, NY 14883
By telephone:
Voice - (607) 589 - 7244
Fax - (607) 589 - 6630

 Sorry - I haven't got the URL right now!

Angel Sword

Master Swordsmith 
Foundry & Studio
Wimberley, Texas
(No address or phone number given in on-line catalog)
#bksw16 Pierced German rapier $1500 
#bksw18 Battle rapier $795
#bksw23 Heavy rapier $995 
#bksw24 Swiss rapier $795 
#bksw25 Triple grooved rapier $995


Avalon Ironworks

Custom Bladed Weapons & Ironwork

3207 Hoagland Ave.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46807-1919 




Kirby D. Wise: Legendary Swords

We make period swords and daggers to order

All Items are hand forged, using the time-honored methods of forge, anvil and hammer. These are simply the best made!

The shop address is Mile Post 33 / Highway 72, Bouse, Arizona



This guy makes beautiful stuff. I've seen some in person, and more in the books he's written.

Salamander Armoury

Creating the Finest Swords, Daggers and Knives
in Carbon Steel and Pattern-Welding ( Damascus )
Owner/Operator: Dr. Jim Hrisoulas
330 S. Decutur #109
Las Vegas NV, 89107
Voice: (702)566-8551
Fax: (702)558-0366 

E-mail: Jim@Atar.com



Museum Replicas Limited

More edged weapon replicas than anybody else! Meticulously copied from originals in museums and private collections. High carbon steel blades are fully tempered and have the proper weight and balance for true battle-worthiness. Excellent Prices. All accessories available for recreating period outfits.

Museum Replicas Limited
2143 Gees Mill Road
Box 840
Conyers, GA 30012, USA.
For any other information e-mail us at musrep@mindspring.com 
If you would like to place an order call toll-free 1-800-883-883



Arms & Armor

Swords, Rapiers, Daggers, Axes, Knives
Helmets and Garnitures. 
Over 170 Replicas of Weapons & Armor 
for the Person who wants the real thing.
Send $3.00 for Catalog, via Snail Mail to:
Arms & Armor Inc.  (612) 331-6473
1101 Stinson Blvd.  Minneapolis, MN 55413  USA
Toll Free Order Line is1-800-745-7345
E-mail to webmaster@armor.com



Beautiful pictures at -

 Christian Fletcher

SCA Arms 


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