Doug's Sword Pommels Page

Two different shapes of pommel work out well, and both are historically accurate. One is shaped like a wheel and one is a bit like an egg.

The wheel shaped ones are easier to make. You just saw off a piece about an inch long from a length of round bar about two inches in diameter. Drill and tap the tang hole. Grind it smooth and you're done. Be sure to drill the hole deep, almost all the way through. Tap as deep as you can. Some blades have longer tangs than others and it's hard to stretch the wooden grip. The solution is to be able to screw the pommel on far enough to cover all the tang that extends past the end of the grip.

The egg shape pommel really requires the use of a metal lathe, although it's possible to make them with just files. That's how I made my first ones. The hard part is getting nice proportions and curves. Study pictures a lot before making many of these.

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