Doug's Sticks Pictures Page

SORRY - All of the pcture links below are dead. They were stored at WebJump which now seems to have disappeared. I'll try to get the pictures moved to another server.

Here's a picture of an overall view of my assortment of canes, sword canes, walking sticks and staffs. It's divided into four sections and there's a close-up photo of each section. And there's another group that got left out of the overall photo. Actually, you have to click "Overall View" below to see it. I hate being forced to receive a picture file that I didn't ask for, so I won't make you do it, either. The files aren't real big, though. They run from 33 kb to 40 kb.

See Overall View.

See close-up of Groups 1& 2.

See close-up of Group 1.

See close-up of Group 2.

See close-up of Group 3.

See close-up of Group 4.

See close-up of Group x, the "extra" ones left out of the overall photo.


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