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Most of these items (like tools) are for local pickup only!

I don't have a way to ship them, even if it were practical.

Everything is located about 40 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The tools are big and heavy and not practical to ship.

Table Saw: 12" cast iron top, 1-1/2hp 120/240 volt, Miter gage, micro-adjust rip fence. (Clone of Rockwell Contractor's Saw but also takes 12 inch blade)




Radial Arm Saw: Rockwell 12 inch Turret Arm Professional grade saw & stand




Wood Lathe: Oliver industrial type, 12 inch swing, with 1 HP 120 volt motor, variable speed drive and 8 foot long bed, tailstock with 4 in. spindle travel, 3 faceplates, tool rest & holder, centers, chisels. Spindle nose 2MT, threaded 1-1/8x8 tpi. Lathe weighs over 600 lbs.

The headstock is a model 159, probably an early version because it has grease fittings for the bearings. The bed is a model 2159 bed. The tailstock is marked with a 159 cast into its side (not as shown in these pictures). The toolrest is not Oliver and is fabricated instead of cast. (Corrections made 12/11/07)

Picture1 , picture2 , picture3 . Info on the web - links:,




 Welder, MIG, runs on 120 VAC house current




 Welding torch & tanks




Metal Lathe: Logan 11x24, quick change gears, power Cross feed, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, 5C collet closer & some collets, assorted tool bit holders, lantern and square toolposts, tailstock turret, tailstock drill chuck, and taper attachment made for Asian lathe but will adapt to Logan.




Milling Machine: Harbor Freight 42976 small mill-drill, 12 speed, 1/2hp, #2 Morse taper spindle, 4 inch swivel vise, steel cabinet stand [picture]





Metal Shaper: Shape-rite (by Havir) 8 inch, universal Swivel table and original vise. Needs some repair. picture





Folding 2-ton engine hoist - nice shape; available AFTER the heavy tools are sold and gone.




Kick Press. It's marked Hastings Consolidated Press Co., No. 1. Its total weight is 95 pounds, 65 for the frame and 30 for the leg lever. It was mounted on a fabricated steel stand which isn't included in the weight. It's sitting on that stand in the picture, but not in its normal position on the stand. And the leg lever is not visible. see Doug's Machining Page


 Punch Press, very small. It was made by Lasalle Machine Works in Chicago, ILL. It weighs 125 pounds and stands 17-1/2 inches high, 11 inches deep and 7 in. wide (12 with the flywheel). The flywheel is 10" diam. and 2" wide. The throat is 3" deep and the crank bearing is about 2" in diameter and the crank shaft is 1-1/16", which I guess is a clue to the capacity of the press. The stroke of the ram is about 3/4". Weighs about 125 lbs. see Doug's Machining Page



DiAcro 12 inch hand shear picture, weighs 125 lbs see Doug's Machining Page




Bench shear - 12" blades and a 30 inch handle picture see Doug's Machining Page

$50 SOLD



Plate shear - rotary cutters, a bit like a can opener picture see Doug's Machining Page

$100 SOLD



Bench Punch, J.F. Kidder No. 32 "Little Blacksmith" with a 2" square ram, 19" high, 7" wide, 10" deep and 88 pounds. I haven't found any info on its capacity, but Don Streeter says (on page 19) in his book "Professional Smithing" that he has a No. 35 with capacity to punch a two-inch-square hole through 16 gage sheet steel. see Doug's Machining Page





Drafting Machine: Vemco 4100, clamps on table, 18 inch arms, with 2 scales and manual.




Platform Scale(s): balance weight and beam type, heavy duty, One on wheels, one bench mount.

$50 each



Band Saw: Rockwell Delta motorized cat # 28-560 3-wheel, 16 inch, heavy cast iron, stand & spare blades picture & picture





Theodolite: Wild T1-70, reads to 3", with steel tube case and padded shipping box




Camera: Pentax Auto 110 SLR, in original box, with 3 lenses & accessories picture picture




Plotter: HP 7580A 8-pen color plotter, D size (24x36 paper)




Radios: older tube-type (hollow state) general coverage Shortwave receivers >>> see my BoatAnchor page

 $see list, make offer



Wood Stove: Monarch KH24ASW. Small, white stove with flat, cast iron 23 x 14 in. top good for boiling or small amount of cooking. Stove is 36 in. tall, 23 in. deep and 14 in. wide. The stovepipe outlet protrudes another 6 in. from the back of the stove. Has cast-iron firebox and below that is a drawer to catch the ashes. The stove weighs approximately 200 lbs. picture . Maker's description



 Electric Slicer: for kitchen. General Slicing Co. model 7202, works great. Bought for slicing bread, also does well slicing meat. picture, picture, picture,


Telescope: Meade ETX-60AT Astro Telescope with instruction manual, eyepiece and Autostar hand controller with 2-line LCD display. It's easy to select an astronomical object from the screen menu and press the GO TO key.




email for additional details. Pictures can be taken of most items, as well.


Most of these above items are for local pickup only!

I don't have a way to ship them, even if it were practical.

If you're really serious about absolutely must have shipping, here are the terms: Freight seems to cost me about $1.00 per pound. Add $99 for crating and handling, and $20 for delivery to FedEx Ground terminal if the item will fit in my car. Any other shipment method must be arranged by buyer but these listed charges still apply. Allow a MINIMUM of two weeks for packing/crating and handling! If you are in a hurry, come and get it.

Some of this stuff below is practical to mail -

Sort-of Tools:

Electronics: (things I CAN ship!)

Old Computers:

 Car Parts/Car Stuff:


Everything is located roughly 40 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

(ZIP Code 49417)

Many of these things are all big and heavy and not practical for ME to ship.

Or call it - - "free shipping" - - I'll help you load it on your truck for free.

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