Doug's Machine Shop

I'm fortunate to have a pretty complete machine shop in the basement.

Some of this stuff is for sale, too! Go see my For Sale page for details.

Tools available to me in my shop include:

Steady Rest 1

Steady Rest 2, page 1, page 2

Steady Rest 3

But I still have no arbor for the horizontal spindle (yet!). The arbor is a lathe project needing more skill than I've developed at this point. I learned from a discussion group on "" that Sears sold this mill as a Craftsman model 101.15500. That's nice to know because I also learned on that group that Sears has the parts list and parts diagrams on line at their web site, In fact, I tried it and saw the drawing of the head assembly. You just go to that web site, and there's a box to enter the model number in. You can also order parts from Sears, but very few are available. And those are probably the same ones that are still available from Atlas/Clausing.

Additional note: June 6, 2002 - while cleaning out my recently sold storage pole barn I found a 10 inch long, 7/8 inch diameter, 2MT horizontal milling arbor with spacer bushings but without the tightening nut. It should fit the Atlas MFC, although the original arbor was 6-1/2 inches long. I also have the drawing for the arbor support, and a block of steel of appropriate dimensions for making the arbor support. They will be included with the mill if/when sold.

For information exchange about Atlas MF series milling machines, contact

Richard E. Stines

8147 Helm St.

San Deigo CA 92114

November 17, 2002 addition - Looking through some magazines, I found plans for a vertical milling attachment for the Atlas Horizontal Mill in a four page article in the October, 1992 issue of Projects in Metal magazine, on page 24. Village Press sells back issues so I can't scan and post the plans, but I do have a scan of the first page of the article with a picture of the attachment. (236k file!)


More info, specs and pictures on line at ATLAS and CRAFTSMAN Horizontal Miller

Pictures of the Vertical & Slotting Attachments

More info, specs and pictures (including many useful operation setups!) on line at Atlas ShaperCraftsman/Acorn

Next items added to the page on April 5, 2000:

A really handy tool is the "How To Do It Index" of how-to magazine articles. I've seen it in lots of libraries. There are about 5 volumes now, in bright yellow covers. It covers a lot more magazines than I ever heard of and indexes a bazillion articles on all kinds of hobbies. Additional sources for very useful plans are similar indexes to Popular Mechanics, Home Shop Machinist, Projects in Metal, and so on. These other indexes can be found on the internet by going through the Metal Web News at <> or going directly to the rec.crafts.metalworking newsgroup FAQ web site <>. There are many good things on the Metal Web News site, too.

Be sure to look for these entries/files at the FAQ:

    1. •HSM/PiM index updated through 1996
    2. •Village Press index
    3. •Chuck Fellows metalworking magazine article index [this one is really good!]

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