SCA Fencing (Schlager) Hilt Pictures

Here are some pictures of hilts I've made, most for SCA schlager-blade fencing:

  1. The latest - from a pattern described as "W. Europe c. 1550-1620" in "The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons" by Leonid Tarassuk. It's #15 on page 263.
  2. Next to latest - from a pattern described as "Italy, c. 1530-1620" also in "The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons" by Leonid Tarassuk. It's #17 on page 263.
  3. The same Italian design but chrome plated. The modern version of a polished silver hilt. What an eye-catcher! Really attracts compliments.
  4. A pattern inspired by a sword in a Museum Replicas catalog, made of twisted bars.
  5. Four rapier swept hilts made of twisted bar, and a matching dagger.
  6. A rapier hilt made of twisted bars with it's a matching dagger.
  7. My favorite self-developed pattern, now belonging to my friend Steve.
  8. A blackened swept hilt of my own design now owned by a beginning lady fencer.
  9. For ambidextrous use I designed this symmetrical hilt to also provide maximum hand protection. Also now owned by a lady fencer.
  10. Two of this model are in our Canton of Rimsholt loaner gear.
  11. My version of the hilts used in the latest Three Musketeers movie. The perspective in this shot is not too good. Sorry!
  12. Three assorted hilts from 1997.
  13. Three more from 1997.
  14. Specially designed light-weight lady's model, now owned by our Baroness Lady Emma de Winter.
  15. My first twisted-bar hilt, now owned and frequently used by our illustrious Baron Benedict of Beverly.
  16. Added on May 27, 1999:
  17. A larger two-ring pair, right- and left-handed. The pommels are just temporary, and the blades are rejected fencing blades marked with red paint so they won't get used any more.
  18. Another but smaller two-ring pair, with the rings filled with arcs. Also matching left- and right-handed.
  19. A special custom hilt for a lady, with her device on it - ivy leaves. Side view and, from where it will look like poison ivy to her opponents, the front view.
  20. Not for fencing, I've made this steel rapier hilt and the blade, and
  21. Also this brass rapier hilt and its blade.
  22. Two views of the broadsword I made, close-up and a full-length shot.


  List of hilts available in stock, with pictures.

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