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Mostly e-mail comments I've made to other or potential swordmakers.

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Then look into information in print -

Information on Paper:

The On-Paper Info Page

For example,


You should read both of these -


 And there are other, even better ones listed on the On-Paper Info Page!

Also check out these ON-Line Information Sources

My On-Line Info Page, which includes has very important measurement statistics for 98 historical rapiers, with length, weight, and very rare measurements of balance points! Be sure to check this one out!

A sword discussion bulletin board called Medieval Sword Reader's Forum is and it would be worthwhile to check there for more information. Several people on it say that they make swords.

Another sword discussion bulletin board, called The Internet Sword and Medieval Weapons Discussion Group has some NetSword Discussion Forums. It has a section on 'Simplifed Weapons Making.' There is also a long series on modifying an inexpensive Katana blade and making a new hilt and scabbard for it. There is and the discussion forums selection at The 'Technical Discussions' section includes such topics as Weaponsmaking Simplified and Weapons Performance. NetSword has swordsmen, sword smiths, armourers, weapons makers, collectors, re-enactors, historians and enthusiasts all posting to our little group, so come and join in. You are always welcome!

 And there are other, even better ones listed on the On-Line Info Page! For example, look for "Sword Forum Online" Magazine.

 There's a discussion newsgroup called which also has lots of discussions about sword making.

For hilt pictures for patterns, check these sites:

Black Rose Creations [was at] Be sure to see the 41 styles on the 'hilts' page and the descriptions and dating on the 'documentation' page.

Alchem Incorporated has some nice 'Re-enactor Fencing Rapiers and Bucklers' including two cup-hilt rapiers, two side-ring daggers and a Main Gauche dagger.

Swords From Toledo has some beautiful color pictures. They also have prices shown in US dollars, although their address is in Spain.

This link to scanned pictures is temporarily unavailable. They are moving to a server on a "free hosting" web site, because they're too big for my space on my ISP's server. And, related to rapier hilts, I've added a lot of beautiful pictures scanned from a great book. (LATER!)

(Note: the main description page is there, but there are only 2 links on it, to the scanned descriptions of the hilts pictured in the book. Not much longer to wait!)

And there are even more listed on the On-Line Info Page!

Here are some small pictures of I've made. Hilts

Schools and Classes:

I've also learned about the availability of some schools and classes for blade makers.


Added November 1, 1999:

Videos! I just ran across an announcement for a series of several videos dedicated to sword forging in great detail. The put lots of photos AND a couple of video clips on their page, though, so it takes a very long time to load! Here's their description:

Video sales of Making Charcoal, Folding and forge welding the steel, Forging a Tanto to shape, Clay coating the blade, final hardening, are available at $35 each that details the process and tools from beginning to end. Currently five VHS tapes are available, each about an hour long. Other Subjects to follow. Email for mailing address

Read his description in a newsgroup posting at or go to to see for yourself.

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