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Get all these catalogs. It's very worthwhile, and they're free! I learn a lot from catalogs. And I've purchased things from all these places.


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 Custom Made Swords:

B. R. Tomberlin
Anvil Top Custom Knives
Broadswords: Lately that seems to be the only swords I have made and the early medieval swords are the ones I seem to be most interested in making. As for fantasy swords???????? just depends on how much of a fantasy they are. I had one person ask if I couldmake a forty pound sword, as he assured me that was what the original two handed swords weighed. Needless to say that one doesn't exist except in his mind. But I will give serious thought to any reasonable request. Also if you have anybody who has questions about japanese swords I am a collector and have at least some knowledge in the area.

Thanks for the correspondence
B.R. Tomberlin

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