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M.A.S. Weapons

The Ansteorran Rapier

Index of -~wew-fencing-

Swords & Knives, Bladesmithing, Grainder FAQ

www.realswords.com/Realswords (Colombatovich) (may be a bad address)

www.iserv.net/~wmfa. West Michigan Fencing Academy in Grand Rapids.

The Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts

www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/ for the The Knife Center of the Internet, but the address may not work. They are still there, though.

Virtual Home of Starfire Swords

The Ring of Steel Homepage

Society of American Fight Directors

Art of the Sword as Sport, Simulation and Com.

Rapier and Smallsword

Historical Armed Combat Association (HACA)

Fencing Supplies from Sykes Sutlering - http://users.aol.com/sykesutler/fence.html

Salamander Armoury-(J Hrisoulas' site


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