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Fencing Page: Updated on December 19, 2002


Fencing is my very favorite sport. Actually, it's the only "real" (athletic) sport I'm interested in.

I enjoy modern fencing with the Grand Rapids Fencing Club (a.k.a. West Michigan Fencing Academy) and also S.C.A. rapier fencing. The WMFA is on the web at


I've picked up several books on fencing, and read a few others from the library. The ones I have are:

And, in a different vein,

From the local library,

 I've made quite a few hilts for SCA fencing with schlager blades. Here's a page leading to over a dozen pictures of them.

Here's the cutest fencer I know: my niece Laurie!


 List of Sword Sources for all you shoppers. With internet Web links for easy on-line browsing. Some might even still be current and usable!

 List of Fencing Sword & Blade suppliers, especially schlager blades for SCA fencing.

 Fencing Trivia Section [10/24/1999]

 Do you happen to know who was the first fencer to use handguards? This is from
a trivia game on Momsonline. The choices are

Trivia Section answer at the bottom of the page.

Fencing Links

Some links to fencing-related web sites that I like are:

The Fencing FAQ is archived at the following locations, among others:

North America: /usenet/news.answers

Nick Evangelista Fencing Homepage

Art and Science of Fencing (the website, not the book by Nick Evangelista)


other links . . .

Here are some good links, without having to go to another page:

Fencing Online: with links (and search) to clubs, equipment dealers, lots of info and links!

The U. S. Fencing Association at

"Real-sword" fencing:

Best sword info site (William E. Wilson's home page)

Historical Armed Combat Association

Art of the Sword Links

Trivia Answer:

Gonzalvo di Cordova is the answer the trivia master is using but it was
spelled differently. It could be Gonzalvo de Cordova or Gonzalvo di Cordoba.
No one found it the way it was spelled.



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