A few comments I've received about the Aquarian Survival Flutes

Hi Michael!

I got the flutes and they're gorgeous.  I love them!

I know you wrote that they have a "wooden" finish, but somehow in my mind I
expected them to look like plastic.  It's hard to believe they are.

The engraving is beautiful -- it fits so perfectly.  Thank you so much for
that "extra touch" <g>.

My husband immediately grabbed the D flute and started playing it
beautifully!  (He's an Aries Sun/Cancer Moon, ASC with Venus in Taurus). 
He's a great guitarist, but has never really played the flute.  I have a
feeling he will now.

Can I clean these by putting them in water, or should I wipe them out like a
metal flute?  It's just hard to believe they wouldn't be damaged in water ...!

Anyway, I'm raving, but I want you to know I love your flutes -- easy to
play, great sound, and beautiful to behold <G>!

Thanks again,
Colleen :D

thanks a lot ....
they sound great. the d is hard to finger like you said, but what a great sound!
Im sure that I will get more of them. possibly wood and /or metal also.

They both arrived safe and sound :-)
The Survival flute (E) is beautiful...and has a very sweet voice, however,
the copper flute (F) is slightly disappointing. It's tone is a little reedy,
but I'll give it some time, and more practice.
Otherwise, I hope all is well with you and your's.
Blessed Be,



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