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My Persona:

Zeger Zwaardenmaker, Dutch swordmaker from the mid 1500's. Still needs much research! I have family info back to 1710, but that doesn't help too much. I especially need clothing information on that time period and for that area (Vriesland or Frisland, in northern Netherlands).

I'm authorized to fence schlager, single.


My Projects:

I've made four actual swords, three rapiers and one cut-and-thrust type, and two daggers. A third dagger, for fancy dress, is about half done. I make the swords and daggers by sawing and grinding blades out of high-carbon steel bar stock, not by forging.

I think I'm about to order some more blade steel this spring and make some lightweight rapier blades for "dress" use, to fit the schlager hilts I already have (and future ones). But first I need to make some dagger hilts to match my new rapier hilt design, which I call #15. And then another #17 (Italian model) because I do have dagger hilts to match but don't have a rapier hilt in that style any more.

And I've made numerous hilts for SCA fencing with epee, flexi-dagger and schlager blades. There are pictures of some: click on the 3hilts-a.htmfirst three or here for the second set of three. I made my own gorget (of stainless steel) and have three helmets done far enough to put on a shelf for decoration.

 I've scanned a bunch of pictures of more hilts I've made recently, and made a list as a viewing directory. Go there to see about two dozen pictures!

I have a whole section on making swords, too. Mostly about rapiers, and a little coverage of broadswords. If the Armourer's Ring brought you to this page, that's why!

I'm interested in archery but I want to make my own equipment. I've attempted making a bow four times. The only good one is much too heavy for me to draw, 60 or 65 pounds. So I still need to make a bow, and then some arrows.

I enjoy fencing very much. It's the main reason for being involved in the S.C.A. at all.

The Organization:

Our local part of the national Society for Creative Anachronism group is the Canton of Rimsholt, which is part of the Barony of Andelcrag. Rimsholt is the Grand Rapids area, Andelcrag is roughly the 616 area code. These are part of an area called Pentamere, which is basically the state of Michigan. All are in the Middle Kingdom, which is called the Midrealm and is essentially the Midwest area of the U.S. and Canada.


Fencing and Sword suppliers on-line: click here.

 List of Sword Sources for all you shoppers. With internet Web links for easy on-line browsing.

 List of Fencing Sword & Blade suppliers, especially schlager blades for SCA fencing.

 Shorter list of sources that sell Schlager blades separately, without hilts.


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